Hi folks,
welcome on our brandnew website for the movie "Oi!WARNING".
On this site you´ll find all the important information about our debut feature-film. It will be released in germany on October 19th, 2000 and on video with english subtitles in the USA in 2001 .

What Oi!WARNING is all about, you´ll find on the site CONTENTS. What the press wrote about our movie is filed under PRESS. Two more detailed descriptions of the film you can find under: WHAT SUNDANCE WROTE and VARIETY-REVIEW. About our actresses and actors you find some more information under CAST. On the site DOWNLOWDS you´ll find many, many pics and behind-the-scene shots of the film and three filmclips! The site SCREENING-DATES gives you information, where and when Oi!WARNING will have a preview or festival-screening all over the world before it´s release. This site and all the other sites will be updated every month!

You can send us e-mails ( link: E-MAILS ) and ask us questions or give us some new ideas for the web-site or criticize it ( site: GUESTBOOK ). We will answer every question. Promised! If there should be any technical errors, please inform us too, that we can solve that.

We, Dominik and Benjamin Reding ( the authors and directors and producers of "Oi!WARNING" ) have been workin´for more then five years on this project. It has been damn difficult to get money for a movie, where skinheads ( non-political Oi!skins ), squatters, modern-primitives and tribes are shown, who all just do what they like, what is important for THEM: Their own way of fun, fights, sorrows and desires. What we didn´t want to do was: showing stereotypes of youth-culture, like the drug-abusing "problemchild" or the the sexually overpowered "teenager", we all know so well from television. We used the long time raising the budget, for writing and rewriting the script and we draw a complete storyboard ( 600 drawing) of the picture. ( The site STORYBOARD gives an example of one page of the storyboard ).

During the last year before shooting, we started the casting of our actresses and actors. Most important for us was to find young people, who are absolutely,1oo% believable on the big screen; They had to be authentic in the roles, they play: Workingclass skinheads, street-wise squatters, modern-primitives or frustrated skin girls. This is the reason why the actresses and actors in OI!WARNING are a good mixture of non-professionals ( like Jens Veith, who is playing the squatter ZOTTEL, who really squatted houses in germany ) and professionals ( like Sandra Borgmann, who plays the skingirl SANDRA. She is a wellkown movie and TV-actress in germany ).

We shot our movie in black & white. It gives the film a cool, rough, stylish tone and we did the soundmix in dolbydigital,which gives the movie a stunning sound like in "StarWars". The score of Oi!WARNING shows the style of music our filmcharacters would listen to: Detroit-soul from the 60ties, fine british ska ( Desmond Dekker, Madness, The Beat ), rough Oi!-punk ( from the wellkwon german Oi!-bands "Smegma" and
"Loikaemie" ), melodic french punk ( Berurier Noir ) and several other music-styles from Bossa Nova ( Astrud Gilberto ) to classical music. The complete soundtrack will be available on cd after the release of Oi!WARNING on October 19th, 2000. We wish you an adventures and entertaining time watching our web-site and weguarantee you, that our movie will give you 90 neverboring minutes of tension, action, tough fights, skinhead-loveaffairs and a breathtaking acting of our young cast! Squeeze Your mouse and join with us the Oi!-concert, the wild bunch of squatters & fire-eaters, skinhead-fights and tattoo-parlors in "Oi!WARNING".
Now for the first time exclusively in the web!!

Yours, Dom & Ben Reding