Out-Filmfest, Los Angeles: Outstanding Emerging Talent-Award of the Directors Guild of America 1999

World Filmfestival, Montréal: Air Canada People Award 1999

Int. Filmfestival, Leeds: Audience-Award 1999

Max Ophüls Filmfestival, Saarbrücken: Film-Award of the Governour of the Saarland 1999

Film Kunst Fest, Schwerin: NDR Young Talent Award 1999

Int. Festival du premiere Film, Annonay ( France ): Prix Spécial du Jury 2000

Jungle World, Berlin: "The Reding-brothers changed the authentic touch of their movie into something strangely unauthentic:A highly stylized piece of art, an extraordinary movie about youth, this film is an event. Oi!WARNING is one of the most intensive and surprising movies of our time.The cast is outstanding."

Neueste Nachrichten Potsdam: "The film does not show THE punk or THE skin, but the individual behind the label. Oi!WARNING brings together very differnt roups of german society: The cinema-expert, who can admire the excellent cinematography of Axel Henschel ( nominated for the German Cinematography Award for Oi!WARNING ) and the young ones from the backstreets, who feel understood by this movie."


Los Angeles Times: "visceral and commanding"

Freitag, Berlin: "Since Tom Tykwers (director of "Run Lola run") "Tödliche Maria" there was no first-feature, which was as visual, as delicate constructed, as believeable, as powerful directed, as Oi!WARNING."

Schweriner Express, Schwerin: "After the credits one has to breathe deeply, the brain works like mad."

Stuttgarter Zeitung, Stuttgart: "Not many german films are able to tell a story as powerful and at the same time as detailed as Oi!WARNING."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: "Expressionistic black and white photography. Showing a game of fire: aggression and regression, excesses in sex and violence."

Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin: "A breathtaking black and white feature about the german skinhead scene. It has the strenght to show the archaic skinhead-rituals before only criticising them."

Film-Dienst, Cologne: "Outstanding black and white photography, powerful acting, the directing comes straight from the heart."

The Hollywood Reporter: "remarkaly talented: a disturbing porttrait of the angry fringes of german society."

Screen International, Los Angeles: "A stunning-looking black and whit feature debut from the Reding duo."

Ruhrnachrichten, Dortmund: "A movie abaout youth, skinheds, punks, about group-pressure and voilence. A kind of Trainspotting in blanck and whit."

Marabo-Magazin, Bochum: "Catchy pictures, true acting."

EDP-Fim, Cologne: "This movie is voilend in the best sense of the word: Powerful images, fast timing, believeable characters and intense soundtracking. A movie that grabs the audience"