Sascha Backhaus (Janosch)

1979 Born in Hamburg. 1995 Leaves school and home. 1996 Singer in several punk-bands. 1996 Lives at a squatted van-site near Hamburg. 1997 Works in several jobs in Hamburg, quits them all. Lives in a social-housing at the Reeperbahn on St. Pauli, Hamburg. 1998 Gives an impressive performance during the casting for Oi! WARNING. From 11. August to 28. September 98 he plays —Janoschž in the movie. 1999 Starts school for carpenters in Hamburg. Works as an extra for TV-productions.

Simon Goerts (Koma)

1973 Born in Kastl near Amberg. 1974 Divorce of his parents. With his mother he moves to Munich. 1979 Pupil at the Rudolf-Steiner-School in Munich. 1983 Moves to the Allgäu (Bavaria). 1989 Highschool-diploma. 1990 Education as a graphic-designer in Freiburg. 1990 Moves to Hamburg. Becomes a social-worker in a housing-project with handycapped children. 1991 Jobs as a prop-maker at the —Schmidts-Theaterž at the Reeperbahn, St. Pauli. 1992 Education as a hairdresser in Hamburg, but quits after a year. 1993 Moves to a squatted van-site near Hamburg. 1994 Trip to Spain, lives there for more than two years and works as a street-musician. 1996-97 Works in Munich in a cartoon-filmstudio and as an extra for TV-productions. 1998 Casting for the the Koma-character in Oi!WARNING. Plays Koma in Oi!WARNING. 1999 Works as a model in Hamburg and the USA. Takes acting-lessons and workshops. Wants to continue his acting-career.

Sandra Borgmann (Sandra)

1974 Born in Mühlheim in the Ruhr-Area. 1992 Highschool-diploma. 1993-1996 "Folkwang acting-school" in Essen. 1996 Diploma. Starts her own theatregroup in Essen. She works at the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf and the Ruhrfestspiele, Recklinghausen. 1997 Gets her first jobs in film an tv-productions: "Late Show" (a movie by Helmut Dietl), "Die Anrheiner" (weekly tv-show for WDR). Casting for the Sandra-character in Oi!WARNING. 1998 Plays her first leading character in a movie: "Sandra" in Oi!WARNING. Shooting for ZDF-tv-serial "Hotel Elfie". 1999 Shooting for "Hotel Elfie" continues. Sandra plays a character in Fatih Akins new movie "Im Juli" and in several other german tv- and movie-productions. Actress in an independent theater-group.

Jens Veith (Zottel)

1977 Born in Riedstadt near Frankfurt/Main. 1983-1990 Pupil at several schools. 1993 Leaves home and lives for years "on the street". Travels through Germany. Works as a fire-eater and juggler. 1994 Moves to Cologne and lives at a squatted van-site. He doubles the leading actor at Dom & Ben Reding's shortfilm "Dreck/Dirt". 1995 Travels again through Germany. Has a serious accident during a parachute-jump. 1996 Travels to Africa. 1997 Moves to Hamburg and squatts an abandoned house in the "Schanzenviertel". 1998 Casting for the Zottel-character in Oi!WARNING only two weeks before the shooting. 1999 He lives near the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and works on techno- and goa-parties in northern Germany.

Britta Dirks (Blanca)

1971 Born in Recklinghausen. 1990 Highschool-diploma. 1991 She leaves home and moves to Berlin. Works as an actress in the off-theatreproduction "Die dicke Melusiene". 1992 She applies 10 times at acting-schools in Germany, but gets always rejected. 1993 Starts as an acting-student at the "Staatliche Schauspielschule Stuttgart". 1995 Diploma. 1995-97 Plays leading characters at theatres in Stuttgart, Magdeburg and Bremerhaven. 1998 Casting for the Blanca-character and starring in Oi! WARNING. 1999 She plays theatre in Cologne and the character of "Ruth" in the RTL tv-serial "Die Camper". Also starrs in german tv-production "Einer geht noch" (director: Vivian Naefe).

The Directors Dom & Ben Reding

Dominik Reding (on the left)
1969 Born in Dortmund. 1988 Abitur. 1989-93 Studies architecture at Aachen University. 1993 After working in several architecture offices he breaks off his studies and moves to Hamburg. 1994 First shortfilm "Adrian's monday" (16mm, 8 min). 1995 Shortfilm "Dreck/Dirt" (16mm, 18 min). 1996 Shortfilm "Taste the Sweat" (16mm, 13 min). 1997 Scriptwriting and storyboard for Oi!WARNING, shortfilms for theatreproject "Der Mann des Zufalls", Freiburg. 1998 Director and producer of Oi!WARNING, editing and postproduction. 1999 Prepares his next movie.

Benjamin Reding (on the right)
1969 Born in Dortmund. 1988 Abitur. 1988-89 Leadsinger in a rockband. 1989 Studies archaeology at the University of Bochum. 1990 Works as a scriptwriter for german radiostations. 1991 Assistant director at the Bochum theatre. 1992 Directs childrenplays at the Bochum theater. 1992 Studies acting at the Schauspielschule Stuttgart. 1994 Diploma in Stuttgart. 1995-97 Works as an actor at the theatre in Stuttgart and speaks radio-plays for WDR, SWR, NDR. Co-works on Dominik's shortfilms. 1998 Director and producer of Oi!WARNING. 1999 Prepares his next movie.