As for every well-prepared movie an immense amount of work had to be spent on the scriptwriting. For Oi!WARNING we wrote five complete drafts of the script and more than ten work-in-progress versions. We used the long time of raising the budget for the project with some more creative work on the script. During the final script-session we realized that we had been to the point where written changes donít improve the quality of the movie anymore, but only the dramatic style of the script.

As long as we are interested in films we have been admiring the work of american storyboard-artists. A good storyboard does not only simplify the shooting but it also reduces the budget. It´s also a necessary transformation of the script into images, movie-images, which have their very own syntax and rhythm.

One year before the shooting we started to transform the script into a storyboard. But we wanted more than just the sketches of each shot of the movie: The storyboard should also fix the camera-movements, the dialogue and all extra sounds.

In the end we filled over 200 pages with the drawings of all the proposed shots of Oi!WARNING (in total over 65o drawings. The completed picture contains 783 cuts, of which 647 cuts are shots).
Drawing the pictures and writing the decriptions took more than one year. You'll find an excerpt of the storyboard on the link "The Storyboard".

You may notice that for all the film-departments the storyboard was an inspiring help and a superb source of their creativity. Set-design as well as costume and especially the cameradepartment tried to keep the spirit of the storyboard while shooting. Especially for the non-professional actors the drawings have been an enormous help for understanding the story and their characters.